Put the phones away while spending quality time together

It’s an especially common habit to slip into if you live together. So make a pact to put the phone away more, or if that goal seems just too insurmountable, try and outlaw checking Instagram for an hour or two before bed.

Create time for your relationship

I recommend having a brief, daily “anchor” time that you can look forward to as a ritual—whether that’s coffee together every morning, a cup of tea in the afternoon, or walking the dog together at night.

Commit to a new level of honesty

Be willing to rock the boat if it means you’re speaking up about something that matters to you. True trust comes from knowing your partner will tell you the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear. There is no safety in sugarcoating or avoidance.

Develop your communication skills

Decide to be responsible in the way you talk to your partner: Use “I” language as much as possible. Confront yourself first before targeting your partner’s behaviour, and be less sure you’re right about what’s going on. Commit to being kind and respectful in all of your exchanges with your partner.

Plan more dates

It’s important to keep your budget in mind, but even something like going for a walk in a nearby park is good. If you feel like you tend to just hang out on the couch, make a point to go out together once or twice a week.

Learn a new hobby together

If you don’t have a lot of overlap here, make plans to try new things. Try white-water rafting or dance classes. Check your area to see what kinds of classes are offered.

Once a month, go somewhere new

Unless you live in a major city (and sometimes even then), you probably find yourself going to the same few places to grab drinks or dinner. Try somewhere new once a month.

Share your sexual fantasies

One of the most powerful things you can do to energise your intimate connection with each other is to harness your individual eroticism. We each have things that we find especially arousing, which are revealed in our sexual preferences, our response to erotic media, and our sexual fantasies.

Find a show you can binge-watch together

Are you jealous of all those couples that have the same taste in TV and spend weekends obsessing over something on Netflix? This is your year. Don’t give up.

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