Who is Good Speaker ?

The demand of good speakers is in every field. Politics, corporate, motive speaker, as a spiritual teacher, there is a lot of demand for speakers. Some people are innate speaking speakers, but some people have less quality inside them. You must have heard of Motivational Speakers. How well they speak Their style of speaking is very effective.

In a while, they fall prey to the audience’s mind. Everyone listens to their speech mesmerising.  In today’s article, we will give you some useful tips to become a good speaker who will work for you.

Following Are Some Points To become a good Speaker :

  1. Some people start sweating as soon as they come to the stage. They forget whatever they remember. The nervousness in them increases very much. First of all, you have to overcome the fear of your mind. Speaking at the stage two or three times will frighten the fear of your mind.
  2. It is not very necessary that you use difficult words. You can also make your speech effective by using simple words. This advice is given to everyone that use simple words, so that more and more people can understand your point.
  3. It is very important that you talk to your audience with your eyes. Do not try to avoid them. When you look at the audience, you will automatically create self confidence. Then you will find yourself to speak many points.
  4. Some people make this mistake that they write their speech on a paper and look and see them. A little too much can be seen, but looking at the whole paper is not right at all. This will also make the listener bored. The best speech is that which is seen without looking at the paper, with your mind. It is not necessary that you speak all the points sequentially. It may also be that you do not remember the starting point 2 – 3 In this case, you can also speak the last point. Slowly you will also miss other points.
  5. It is necessary that you create a friendly atmosphere with your audience. What they want to talk about, what problems you want to discuss, what you want to know about, you should talk about. If you address you by talking to your brothers, friends, friends, sisters, then its good effect falls on the listeners. He will listen to you with full attention. They should feel as if some of their friends are talking to them.
  6. If you have lost a word in your mouth while speaking, if any sentence becomes wrong then you can immediately say “sorry” by apologising. There is nothing wrong in this. Accepting your mistake is a very good quality. Speak slowly, those who are afraid to speak in front of the audience, should give their speech gradually, so that there are no mistakes. This will also remind you of the key points of speech. You must have seen the former Prime Minister “Atal Bihari ” Of India. He used to speak very slowly while speaking Despite this, the public listened to them by meditating. Every person’s style of speaking is different. Some people talk to me very fast. But some people speak slowly. If you are afraid to speak in front of the crowd then you say slowly.
  7. Your speech should be filled with excitement. When you listen to the public, your enthusiasm and enthusiasm should be born in them. In some people, such qualities are congenital. The art of speaking is found naturally in them. But you can get this art even after doing a lot of hard work.
  8. Use humor, jokes in your speech. Friends, you have seen many people become very serious while delivering speech which results in frustration. Therefore, the best plan is to use humor when speaking to you so people who listen to you laugh in between. This will create a positive environment. People will keep listening to you carefully. Also Read : GK in Hindi

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