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How you can teach your Kid about Money Management?

July 31, 2012 Money for Family

This is a guest post from Joy Mali.  Teaching your kid the importance of money management is necessary for you and for their future. It gives them the chance to decide on their own. It educates and empowers kids to become financially responsible and this will let investors get your kids to save more money. [...]

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How to Teach Children the Value of Hard Work

July 16, 2012 Money for Family

This is a guest post by Roxanne Porter.   We hear it more and more these days, that kids are growing up with zero work ethic and no appreciation for hard work. It’s easy to blame things like the internet and social media for curbing our children’s desire to work for what they want, but [...]

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5 Ways to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance

June 18, 2012 Money for Family

This is a guest post by Lois Turney.   For most drivers, car insurance is a necessary expense for the monthly budget. Not only is auto insurance required by law in most areas, but it can also be a smart way to protect yourself, your family, and your financial security. Without adequate insurance, you may find [...]

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Is it Worth Buying Designer Clothes for Children

June 13, 2012 Money for Family

This is a gust post by Melissa Davis. Wearing stylish cloth or an ordinary one is no matter, but the money and the purpose are parameters of people. Particularly, parents take massive and in depth decision about selecting dresses for their children. Their eyes hover over many types of dresses when they visit the garment [...]

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How to Travel on a Budget

June 7, 2012 Money for Family

This is a guest post by Ana Brady. The older you get and the more people you become responsible for, the more complicated it gets to plan a vacation. You can’t just suddenly decide to fly or ride to a desired spot, book a room anywhere you feel like, and live on sandwiches for ten [...]

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