When one thinks of Careers in the Beauty Industry or Fashion for that matter, the first thing that one visualises is the ramp walk; Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, the list is endless. You start seeing them by default in a spur of a second; tall, gorgeous and well-maintained models walk the ramp leaving the audience mesmerised. 

5 Careers in the Beauty Industry

But there is more to it! The Careers in the Beauty Industry is the topic we will discuss today; below are considered as Top 5:


Modelling, is divided into two; high fashion and commercial fashion. High fashion demands that you have all the right sizes and weight. Commercial fashion, on the other hand, is ready to compromise on these aspects. Having the right network in the fashion industry is a blessing for sure. And it is not just restricted to ramp walk, assignments in commercials or as brand ambassadors are just as important to increase one’s visibility.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer! The designation itself carries a lot of weight. Yes again here lots and lots of creativity, imagination, individuality and out-of-box thinking that’s what this career demands. If you have decided on this career and have the apt qualifications do not jump into the industry directly. It may be a hard fall. You must build your expertise and network by serving a fashion house as a primary step. Once you have acquired some visibility and lots of experience you can embark on your journey as a Fashion Designer. Let’s be realistic, not everybody touches the sky, not everybody is a Fashion Designer of an International Cadre. However, with years of experience, you can attain a stable career and maybe a Fashion Label to your credit.

Beauty Therapist / Skincare Specialist

A Beauty Therapist is someone who indulges in providing treatments to the clients with respect to the face and body. Makeovers, head or body massages, cleansing etc. are the treatments that a Beauty Therapist provides. To be successful in this career one needs to be an avid networker. An affable and outgoing personality would best suit this profession. People who believe in “Love the skin you’re in” as rightly captured by the brand “OLAY” are your target customers!


Someone with short hair dreams about having long hair, someone with long hair does not know how to maintain them. Some have curly hair and they are too unmanageable. Some have straight hair and they envy people who have curly hair. That’s a Hairdressers role; to clear this confusion and revamp the customers look. If you have the art to play with someone’s hair skilfully then this is the career for you. However, ensure you work in a salon first to sharpen your skills before you open up one yourself.

Nail Technician

Immense patience and a creative streak is all that you need to be a proficient Nail Technician. Of course, there are other nitty-gritty’s involved however if you have these two traits you sure have nailed it! You will have to deal with anything relating to the maintenance of the finger or toenails. From nail shaping to nail art, from manicures to pedicures, from cuticle grooming to other synthetic treatments the scope of one’s job is far bigger than the tiny nail.

A few other options would include being a web merchandiser or a garment technologist, owning a Beauty Shop or being an online retailer of beauty products and accessories or being a beauty blogger.

A lot of people consider this as a secondary career option however if you think you have it in you to make it big in this glamorous industry, get going.

Determination, skill, and network coupled with an apt qualification would take you a long way. Since fashion is evolving with every passing day you must ensure that you keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and hone your skill sets through various courses and certifications that are made available by various institutes. Programs like M.Des. (Master of Design), M.F.M. (Master of Fashion Management) and M.F Tech. (Master of Fashion Technology) taught at the National Institute of Fashion Technology give a different dimension to the entire scheme of things.

Why wait? Now that you know the Careers in the Beauty Industry options available to you, it is time to take a step towards them. Meet the career counsellors at Leverage Edu to understand your prospects in this industry and chalk out a career path for yourself. For more such awesome content, stay tuned to our page!

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