Disneyland is a wonderland for most visitors, be it a family out with their kids or adults you want relive their childhood. To elevate the trip to Magic Kingdom of Disney, check out these best ever Disneyland hacks you should know. A reputed travel agency, book cheap flight tickets at Indian Eagle for your Disneyland Trip.

  • Wait in the single-riders line. When you are with a large group of friends or with your older kids, the waiting time would be the shortest.
  • Here’s one of the Disneyland secret tips – the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the most suitable vantage point to watch the absolutely fantastic Disney fireworks every summer. If you can be there on right time, it is the best perch to watch the lightning show. In case your turn comes before the start of the show, skip it and ask them for the next ride.
  • Another trick for the show of fireworks is the parking garage. If you are quite early to the popular theme park, you can wait at the terrace of a parking garage (Yes, take an exit from the park). You will get to have the spectacular views peacefully – no mass exodus to deal with during exit. You will quicker getting away from the rest of the crowd as you are already at the garage roof.
  • Following the conventional wisdom, summers are too busy to visit Disney but flip the coin around and see the other side. In summers months especially during peak, the amusement and theme park remain open till midnight. What could be better to extract the most for your money?
  • If you have planned the visit on a special occasion, you receive a gift! You should head towards the celebratory freebie hub – the Main Street City Hall. Just go to one of the cast members inside and share about your special day, they will hook a commemorative pin to you to remember your wedding/birthday or anniversary.
  • Not a special day? That’s perfectly alright as you will still come across a few places where you can receive a free gift. One of such places is the Jungle Book ride – get the old-timely ride map. You can also receive a special certificate on asking to drive Mark Twain River boat.
  • One of the best Disneyland hacks is getting away with the long waiting time for the rides. Even if the ‘FastPass’ helps in avoiding the long waiting time, there are some rides that do not accept the pass. You need to make a complete research to see which are the rides accepting the shortcut. Following this, book your favorite rides on the list first to save from long lines during peak summer months. If you are quite impatient to get on your favorite ride, get the ‘MaxPass’ paying $10 extra. It allows you to choose which rides you want to include in the FastPass on your smartphone. The perks of the shortcuts doesn’t end at this, you can even get to select rides of other theme parks if you own a Park Hopper Ticket. Isn’t that maximum profit from a single investment!
  • The list of Disneyland hacks is long my friend. Keep reading. If you or any person in your group has food allergies or you are kosher diners, you should go to the Plaza Inn in the Main Street for dining. They are known for their special requests and who knows if you get to dine sitting next to Mickey or Ariel. Yes, there are restaurant offering ‘Character Dining’ and Plaza Inn is one of them. If any of you have special needs, we would suggest you to make online reservation and mention your special requests clearly.
  • You need to be smart enough to have a great time in Disneyland. Remember, the Disney characters are known as creatures of habit, you can’t find them roaming around just like that. We would recommend you to look for the ‘Finding Mickey’ web page on the website and watch your favorite Disney cartoon in real-time instead of exploring the park in haste.
  • We have a great way for you to save time in the theme park. After all, who wants to wait long to get on a ride? Download the Disney app to know the estimated waiting time for the rides. It can also report you with the areas your favorite characters might e hanging around.
  • The last on the list is one of the family hacks in Disneyland. Are you on a tight budget? Well, you might get food items into the park.

Have a great Disney time keeping these tested Disneyland hacks!

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