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Presently, teens spend lot of time posting and texting to express love interests on social media. They can make dating easily as they can get to know each other better online for the first time. Romantic relationships of teenagers come due to the changes of physical, emotional and social conditions. Emotional connectedness helps to add depth within the relationship of couples. Spending time with your loved one is of the most important ways which allow you to show love for your partner. Dates can maintain your relationship strong, fresh feeling and pleasure. 6 Cute date ideas for teenage couples are as follows.

Cute Date Ideas For Teenage Couples


Walking with your partner can offer you time to talk between the two of you. When you are not talking, it is just amazing to be with each other including the sound of footsteps and nature. Sometimes, solitude and silence can build a good relationship. Maybe you can even appreciate each other or share the memories of life when you are walking together. Walking with your loved one can affect the perspective and attitude of the heart. So, you can take a walk with your partner and enjoy your life as a happy teenage couple. Also checkout Double Date Ideas For Best Friends That Are Totally Fantastic.


It’s time to think about how your physical fitness is essential for your well-being, health and also a romantic relationship. After experiencing exciting physical activities with your partner, the couple can feel more satisfied with their relationship. Biking is one of the most perfect cute date ideas for teenage couples. Biking is a common physical activity. It can boost the quality of a romantic relationship of a teenage couple.

Ice skating

Ice skating is one of the most perfect date ideas. It offers you to hold hands romantically when you are enjoying ice skating together as a teenage couple. You can laugh at your inefficiency or your significant other’s inefficiency. You can enjoy shaky moments, missteps and even sometimes falls. You can pose in some iconic ways. Ice skating with music is really a perfect entertainment for teenage couples. Your physical activity helps to release chemical named endorphins which trigger positive feeling and emotional comfort.


Fishing is a great date idea for teenage couples. Spending a day with your partner on a cool mountain stream or fishing on pond helps to get relief from highly stressful everyday life. Fishing is also a lifetime activity and skill which can be experienced at any age. You can feel thrilled while you are fishing. It also offers the opportunity to catch fish for our dinner. Fishing is outstanding relation activity which allows for closeness and conversation within a natural environment. Here we have some First Date Tips Just For Men.


By choosing a good recipe, you can enjoy cooking as a special date idea. Cooking can reduce your stress and make self-esteem. It also allows you to interact and collaborate. You and your loved one require to completely present during the task at hand. It will provide you a shared feeling of satisfaction by preparing something together.


When you and your partner love to swim, swimming can be a great way to enjoy a date. Swimming offers a fun competition between the two of you. It helps you to stay fit and energetic. Swimming as physical activity helps to boost self-esteem, energy level, strength and to reduce stress, blood pressure, anxiety, and body fat.

When you and your partner jointly participate in any type of activities, it may strengthen the sense of commitment to one another and extend emotional support. By choosing the above-mentioned cute date ideas for teenage couples, you can get the benefits for your relationship.

When one thinks of Careers in the Beauty Industry or Fashion for that matter, the first thing that one visualises is the ramp walk; Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, the list is endless. You start seeing them by default in a spur of a second; tall, gorgeous and well-maintained models walk the ramp leaving the audience mesmerised. 

5 Careers in the Beauty Industry

But there is more to it! The Careers in the Beauty Industry is the topic we will discuss today; below are considered as Top 5:


Modelling, is divided into two; high fashion and commercial fashion. High fashion demands that you have all the right sizes and weight. Commercial fashion, on the other hand, is ready to compromise on these aspects. Having the right network in the fashion industry is a blessing for sure. And it is not just restricted to ramp walk, assignments in commercials or as brand ambassadors are just as important to increase one’s visibility.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer! The designation itself carries a lot of weight. Yes again here lots and lots of creativity, imagination, individuality and out-of-box thinking that’s what this career demands. If you have decided on this career and have the apt qualifications do not jump into the industry directly. It may be a hard fall. You must build your expertise and network by serving a fashion house as a primary step. Once you have acquired some visibility and lots of experience you can embark on your journey as a Fashion Designer. Let’s be realistic, not everybody touches the sky, not everybody is a Fashion Designer of an International Cadre. However, with years of experience, you can attain a stable career and maybe a Fashion Label to your credit.

Beauty Therapist / Skincare Specialist

A Beauty Therapist is someone who indulges in providing treatments to the clients with respect to the face and body. Makeovers, head or body massages, cleansing etc. are the treatments that a Beauty Therapist provides. To be successful in this career one needs to be an avid networker. An affable and outgoing personality would best suit this profession. People who believe in “Love the skin you’re in” as rightly captured by the brand “OLAY” are your target customers!


Someone with short hair dreams about having long hair, someone with long hair does not know how to maintain them. Some have curly hair and they are too unmanageable. Some have straight hair and they envy people who have curly hair. That’s a Hairdressers role; to clear this confusion and revamp the customers look. If you have the art to play with someone’s hair skilfully then this is the career for you. However, ensure you work in a salon first to sharpen your skills before you open up one yourself.

Nail Technician

Immense patience and a creative streak is all that you need to be a proficient Nail Technician. Of course, there are other nitty-gritty’s involved however if you have these two traits you sure have nailed it! You will have to deal with anything relating to the maintenance of the finger or toenails. From nail shaping to nail art, from manicures to pedicures, from cuticle grooming to other synthetic treatments the scope of one’s job is far bigger than the tiny nail.

A few other options would include being a web merchandiser or a garment technologist, owning a Beauty Shop or being an online retailer of beauty products and accessories or being a beauty blogger.

A lot of people consider this as a secondary career option however if you think you have it in you to make it big in this glamorous industry, get going.

Determination, skill, and network coupled with an apt qualification would take you a long way. Since fashion is evolving with every passing day you must ensure that you keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and hone your skill sets through various courses and certifications that are made available by various institutes. Programs like M.Des. (Master of Design), M.F.M. (Master of Fashion Management) and M.F Tech. (Master of Fashion Technology) taught at the National Institute of Fashion Technology give a different dimension to the entire scheme of things.

Why wait? Now that you know the Careers in the Beauty Industry options available to you, it is time to take a step towards them. Meet the career counsellors at Leverage Edu to understand your prospects in this industry and chalk out a career path for yourself. For more such awesome content, stay tuned to our page!

Jibhi is a grand, honest and old Himalayan town settled on the banks of the murmuring Tirthan waterway which is a tributary of Beas stream. The engineering of the place represents itself with no issue.

Developed in an old Himalayan way, a large portion of the houses at Jibhi are made of stone and wood. Apple plantations and Galgal trees embellish the lawn of each house in this Himalayan town.

Peacefulness dives on you when you are at Jibhi in light of the fact that everything you can hear is the sound of the sputtering waterway down your window and fledgling melodies.

And all you must do is esteem the rich green mountains stacked with pines and cedars. Or on the other hand leave on any of the various lovely nature trails which are available around Jibhi pretty much every way.

Thus Jibhi is the relaxing getaway which you have been waiting all of your life so you should not miss the opportunity to plan yourself a trip to Jibhi right now.

But before going to Jibhi here are the 13 travel tips for a relaxing getaway in Jibhi.

How to reach Jibhi?

By Bus: Take a bus till Aut in Himachal Pradesh(almost all of th ebus towards Manikaran,Bhuntar,Manali goes towards Aut) and then from Aut take a bus till Bajar Valley which is also 6-8 km away from Jibhi valley from here wait for the bus towards Jibhi and then hop on it and dive in the lap of Jibhi.

If you are a person with less patience then visit Jibhi directly by taking a cab from Aut but beware it is expensive in comparison to bus since a single cab may cost you around 1200-1500.

These are all the ways to reach Jibhi in the beautiful peaks of Himachal Pradesh.

Things to do in Jibhi

  • Visit the waterfall

Just a km far from the Main valley the delightful cascade is covering up into the wilderness of jibhi which will make you begin to look all starry eyed at the place since you need to reach here through excellent scaffolds which are aggregate of 4 and these little adorable extensions will make you need to recall your adolescence.

This cascade keeps running consistently and amid the summers it is a standout amongst the most lovely sight to visit in Jibhi. It is additionally the most visited place in Jibhi since the span is truly near the vast majority of the homestays and there will be no damage watching the spouting cascade in the green fog of Jungle.

  • Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass is a high mountain go at an ascent of 10,800 ft (3.120m) over the sea level, orchestrated in the Kullu zone of Himachal Pradesh, in India. The pass is the nearest mountain go from Delhi, around 600 km away, and incorporates on each experience vacationer’s guide.

Guarantee you get your vehicle and yourself all around masterminded before driving this way. At the most astounding purpose of the Jalori go there are diners available to take lunch, and a Mahakali asylum known as Jalori Mata, visited by an expansive number of fans from the adjoining towns.

Jalori Pass is the essential Indian go to open every year, and is driveable by all vehicles, yet are urged to go down in first apparatus just, as demonstrated by Indian signs. This pass remains close in peak on winter in a manner of speaking. So in extended lengths of December, January and February you need to check before using this way.

Ordinarily opens around second multi day stretch of March every year and closes mid december, dependent upon the snow.

  • Chaini kothi

Chehni Kothi was the rising above summit of the entire Kullu Valley and I couldn’t keep a tight grip on set my eyes upon it. I had examined in some book that it was a champion among the most amazing Tower Temples of Himachal Pradesh, completely worked with stone and wood. It is said to have been hurt in the Kangra tremor of 1905 and the fundamental two stories were pummelled. In the present day, Chehni Kothi is a five story structure.

Beginning from Shringi Rishi Temple, there was an especially described trail to reach Chehni (Chaini) town. The trail went through magnificent cedar woods, apricot sprouts, peaceful apple manors confiscated of leaves and a short cloudy cover made me feel very infection. In the wake of walking around 45 minutes, I went over a solitary house and asked with respect to whether I was going the right way? They exhibited to me the route from where I should climb and I would more likely than not watch the rising above Chehni Kothi from a far separation.

Where to stay in Jibhi?

Jibhi has lots of options from basic homestays to luxury homestays run by locals only but to give you a suggestion stay at Rock top inn it is a beautiful homestay with amazing hosts who are lovely people and will offer you any help in case of emergency.

Being noted as the best travel franchise doesn’t happen by luck and it isn’t a title that comes along easily. Instead, it is the result of consistently meeting or exceeding the needs and wants of the customers. It means offering plenty of diversity when it comes to destinations, accommodations, transportation, activities, and pricing.

Travel Industry

It also entails offering the most current possibilities available. The best travel franchise works hard to be a leader and to offer items before anyone else does. They also keep prices reasonable so just about anyone can afford to take a holiday. It doesn’t make sense to pay more than you have to for a great travel arrangement. The cost shouldn’t prevent them from going either! Most of the people follow Travel guest post blog 2019 for travel update and travel tips.

Tips to be The Best in The Travel Industry


Travel for work or for fun should be exciting and also an adventure. They need to be able to trust the provider helping them to set it all up. They don’t want to have problems with anything along the way. If there are issues, they want someone they can count on available 24/7 to help them get it worked out. The best travel franchise does all they can to consistently get it right.

They are organised, they listen to the needs of the customer, and they help with making it fit into a particular budget if necessary. When someone is able to enjoy all aspects of their travels due to the efforts from the business, they appreciate it and they remember it. They will return again and again for future travel needs.

Cost Efficient

The prices can be very different from one provider to the next when it comes to travel arrangements. Consumers want to get the best prices for the perks they are after. They love when they get a deal that is just too good to pass up. The best travel franchise isn’t out there just to make money. They are out there to put smiles on faces and to make it affordable for all.

Travel Industry

They make connections and branch out in all areas so they can offer packages that include everything for one great price. They are able to add in other activities to meet the specifications of that customer. They always listen and strive to bring it all together with ease.

Anything you want

When it comes to your travel destinations and the days you will spend there, the best travel franchise is going to help you bring it all together. They will help you to get what you want and to get to where you want to be. They will help you plan for things you didn’t think of too. For example, there may be certain paperwork you need such as a passport for certain locations.


You may need to obtain vaccinations before you travel to certain countries. They can help you get that taken care of in advance. There is also travel insurance and other perks you may wish to discuss with them.

Follow Through

There is plenty of time and work involved behind the scenes with the best travel franchise. They work hard so you don’t have to. They may spend hours before they have the information ready to share with you about options. They will double check agendas and verify other details to reduce the risk of any travel problems for you.

The best travel franchise continues to offer more and more services and benefits to their customers. They never get to comfortable with what they currently offer. Instead, they evaluate the wants and needs of their consumers and strive to fill in any gaps. They strive to get it all done for less money and in less time too.

Disneyland is a wonderland for most visitors, be it a family out with their kids or adults you want relive their childhood. To elevate the trip to Magic Kingdom of Disney, check out these best ever Disneyland hacks you should know. A reputed travel agency, book cheap flight tickets at Indian Eagle for your Disneyland Trip.

  • Wait in the single-riders line. When you are with a large group of friends or with your older kids, the waiting time would be the shortest.
  • Here’s one of the Disneyland secret tips – the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the most suitable vantage point to watch the absolutely fantastic Disney fireworks every summer. If you can be there on right time, it is the best perch to watch the lightning show. In case your turn comes before the start of the show, skip it and ask them for the next ride.
  • Another trick for the show of fireworks is the parking garage. If you are quite early to the popular theme park, you can wait at the terrace of a parking garage (Yes, take an exit from the park). You will get to have the spectacular views peacefully – no mass exodus to deal with during exit. You will quicker getting away from the rest of the crowd as you are already at the garage roof.
  • Following the conventional wisdom, summers are too busy to visit Disney but flip the coin around and see the other side. In summers months especially during peak, the amusement and theme park remain open till midnight. What could be better to extract the most for your money?
  • If you have planned the visit on a special occasion, you receive a gift! You should head towards the celebratory freebie hub – the Main Street City Hall. Just go to one of the cast members inside and share about your special day, they will hook a commemorative pin to you to remember your wedding/birthday or anniversary.
  • Not a special day? That’s perfectly alright as you will still come across a few places where you can receive a free gift. One of such places is the Jungle Book ride – get the old-timely ride map. You can also receive a special certificate on asking to drive Mark Twain River boat.
  • One of the best Disneyland hacks is getting away with the long waiting time for the rides. Even if the ‘FastPass’ helps in avoiding the long waiting time, there are some rides that do not accept the pass. You need to make a complete research to see which are the rides accepting the shortcut. Following this, book your favorite rides on the list first to save from long lines during peak summer months. If you are quite impatient to get on your favorite ride, get the ‘MaxPass’ paying $10 extra. It allows you to choose which rides you want to include in the FastPass on your smartphone. The perks of the shortcuts doesn’t end at this, you can even get to select rides of other theme parks if you own a Park Hopper Ticket. Isn’t that maximum profit from a single investment!
  • The list of Disneyland hacks is long my friend. Keep reading. If you or any person in your group has food allergies or you are kosher diners, you should go to the Plaza Inn in the Main Street for dining. They are known for their special requests and who knows if you get to dine sitting next to Mickey or Ariel. Yes, there are restaurant offering ‘Character Dining’ and Plaza Inn is one of them. If any of you have special needs, we would suggest you to make online reservation and mention your special requests clearly.
  • You need to be smart enough to have a great time in Disneyland. Remember, the Disney characters are known as creatures of habit, you can’t find them roaming around just like that. We would recommend you to look for the ‘Finding Mickey’ web page on the website and watch your favorite Disney cartoon in real-time instead of exploring the park in haste.
  • We have a great way for you to save time in the theme park. After all, who wants to wait long to get on a ride? Download the Disney app to know the estimated waiting time for the rides. It can also report you with the areas your favorite characters might e hanging around.
  • The last on the list is one of the family hacks in Disneyland. Are you on a tight budget? Well, you might get food items into the park.

Have a great Disney time keeping these tested Disneyland hacks!

If you’ll talk about must-visit places for solo travel in India, Agra will secure a spot on the list inevitably. Though it known for its rich history lineage and stellar monuments, it has a multitude of amusement in its store to slake the thirst of a solo traveler too.

Solo Traveler’s Guide To Agra

From being the ruling capital of Mughals to becoming the best destination for the solo trip to India, Agra has come a long way. If you’re also planning your solo trip to Agra, this ultimate Solo Traveler’s Guide To Agra will help you to enjoy every bit of it.

So, pack your bag and step out for backpacking India alone.


First of all, let us tell you how can you reach Agra. Needless to say, Agra is easily accessible by airways, roadways, or railways. Its proximity (nearly 200 km from Delhi) with the national capital makes it even more accessible.

If you’re going by air, take a flight to Delhi, From here, you can get myriad of vehicles to reach Agra. However, if you want to directly land in Agra, Kheria airport is the best possibility for you. It is just 13 km from Agra city.

If flights don’t go well along with you, travel by train. By rail, you have to take Delhi-Mumbai or Delhi-Chennai route, and your destination is Agra Cantt railway station. Don’t worry. It is well-connected by rail network from every corner of the country.

Agree or not, solo traveling is absolutely fun when you’re traveling by a vehicle. If your drive starts from Delhi, take Yamuna Expressway. If you’re from any other city, still you don’t need to worry. Agra is well linked with all metropolitan cities of India.


Being the crowning jewel of Indian tourism and also a part of India’s golden triangle, Agra is an all-year-round tourist destination. No matter what the season is and how the weather is, the city greets its solo backpackers with all glory.

So, when your mind is ready, it is the best time for your solo trip to Agra and this ultimate Solo Traveler’s Guide To Agra will help you.


If you have a fat wallet, we must recommend you to experience the stately luxuriousness of Agra. Yes, it’s not only Taj Mahal that spills the beans of regality but also the opulent hotels of the city. So, convinced?

Okay then, your first option should be ‘Oberoi Amarvilas’. From here, you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of Taj Mahal. Another option can be ITC Mughal. Other than its sumptuousness, it is its location that makes ITC Mughal a top choice when it comes to royal stay possibility in Agra

However, if you’re running on a low budget, you can turn to budget-friendly hotels of Agra. There are unnumbered of stay possibilities, especially for solo travelers and this ultimate Solo Traveler’s Guide To Agra will help you to enjoy every bit of it.


Once you have landed in the regal land of Agra, you should plan your itinerary first of all because there would be a number of options in front of you. No idea where to start? Okay, we’ll help you.

  • Taj Mahal

Even if you’re on a solo trip, you can’t miss Taj Mahal when in Agra. Being the epitome of love, Taj Mahal has carried modern-age luxuriousness and age-old Mughal majesty all together beautifully. Believe us, one of the seven wonders of the world will literally leave you wondering.

  • Agra Fort

Another Mughal monument that has to be on your list. Agar Fort is the bear testimony to the sublime architecture and glorious reign of Mughals. The beauty of Agra fort is that it is a peerless blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture incorporated with striking embellishments.

  • Tomb of Itimad-Ud-Daulah

Located adjacent to Taj Mahal, Tomb of Itimad-Ud-Daulah is another historical site in Agra to pump up the adrenaline of history buffs. Take a stroll in its stretching courtyard and admire the fine architecture of this mausoleum.

  • Mehtab Garden

A solo traveler and his camera have an unbreakable relationship. No? Well, here intensify your bond with your camera by clicking hundreds of snap. The soothing ambiance of Mehtab garden will make you take out your camera even if you don’t want to.

Apart from these tourist destinations in Agra, there are many other places too for solo travelers. Akbar’s Tomb, Tomb of Mariam, Chini Ka Roza, and Jama Masjid are a few to mention.


Taj Mahal is certainly the signature sign of Agra but the glory of the city is much more than that. So, once you’re done with historical monuments, revel in the activities that can be experienced only in Agra. Here are the worthwhile things to do in Agra.

Start your day with the one that grabs your attention the most.

  • Dine out in the luxurious Hotel Amar Vilas capturing the breathtaking view of Taj Mahal and admiring the opulence of Agra.
  • Make sure to attend the cultural drama dance show at Kalakriti Cultural and Convention Center. It starts every evening at 6:30 PM.
  • Gorge on the lip-smacking and spicy street foods of Agra. Though you can get the eateries in every corner of the city, ‘Mama Franky’ is the must-visit.
  • Needless to say, get a box of world-famous ‘Petha’ of Agra when you’re in the city.
  • Try Mughlai cuisines in posh restaurants such as Pinch of Spice, Taj Terrace, Golden Street Restaurant, and Peshawri.
  • Are you a Shopaholic? Yes? Then, Sadar Bazar of Agra is a paradise for you. Here, shop til you drop and get the heaps of souvenirs.
  • If you’re a nature lover, visit “Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary’. Located nearly 50 Km from Agra, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Watch River Yamuna in action and fathom the depth of calmness.
  • If you love offbeat places, there are plenty of around the city, especially for adventurous solo travelers.


As a solo traveler, everybody frets about the safety and health issues before planning the trip. However, if you’re concerned about safety and other issues on your solo trip to Agra go through this Solo Traveler’s Guide To Agra, you’re doing injustice with the majesty of this sublime city.

Agra is completely safe and hygienic for all kind of tourists. You don’t need to worry about food availability either. You can easily get whatever you want to eat or drink. Nevertheless, you can keep snacks and a bottle of water along with you.